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Secret Client Commands for GM
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///ui - displays the texture editor.
///reloadui - reloads the texture tree of the interface.

///show windowname - shows the names of all windows and components in L2.

///show windowbox - shows the frames for each element or window l2.

///showwindow "window name" - shows the window that you need if you know its name. Without quotes =)
///sceneeditor - another editor for scenes

///stat fps - displays the purity of frames (frames per second). To the right side
///stat l2 - shows a lot of useful things =) From the left side.
///sas on - calls a flying ship, of course you can board it (next command)
///sas ride - pirates on the deck =)
///sas off - removes the ship and you remain hanging in the air until you click somewhere go.
///c_rmode 1 - this is VX.
///c_rmode 7
///c_rmode 8
///c_rmode 13
///bighead size = [1..9] - the example /// bighead size = 9 makes you a big head.
///changesize 10 - you can also play with the value, Enlarges you.
///rend bone - in fact, if I translate it, I think everyone knows what to do) but in fact this function just shows all the possible options for applying clothes of any rank to us)
///rend blend - shows the graphics docking.
///stat game - shows a lot of interesting statistics about the game.
///stat script - shows the runtime of scripts, useful for curious developers =)
///stat audio - statistics about audio files.
///stat net - interesting statistics about packages and connections.
///playersonly - hides all effects and animation skills.
///show bsp - hides the plot of the graphic under itself and above the head. but there is a more interesting team for this next.
///show particles - hides animations in the same way and the glow of fluff and things thrown to the ground.
///suicide - I think everyone understands the word, in the developer mode it kills itself, in normal mode after the command is executed you just can’t move, client crit is possible.
///switchlevel 20_20 - instead of 20_20, you can put other cards whose name is in the MAPS folder in your client. The team uploads you to this card in developer mode, in normal mode it simply crit client. Also, on servers with a geodata curve, maps are loaded in normal mode.
///slomo 1-n - increases the speed of animations, for example, animation with a nakidui assassin, increases the animation of lightning, as well as animation to the fluff of Vesper, costumes cropped up on hf, animation of foxes. a value of 1 returns normal speed. also in developer mode increases the speed of everything, even the player’s movement.
///viewself - an interesting team that hides the drawing of your spell in the game, very useful for many, I usually hide my spell when I play, except for playing as a dagger)
///show terrain - removes the ground from under my feet, textures =) very useful in many locks, for example, a glass or an anthill, removes textures and you can see the people below you =)
///jump - on our client this command criticizes it, it just doesn’t work on crooked servers, or they drop the spell to the top like the command // / fly only less.
///shot - takes a screenshot. put in a macro and take screenshots without pressing PrntScr. =)
///gamma 1-n - changes the gamut of colors, it’s not interesting)
///editdefault class = "className" - this command will be understood only by those who pick the client l2)))) like me. Many developers will need =) we write the class name without quotes)
///setgravity 1-n - removes gravity, the larger the number the faster you fly to heaven xD)

///showlog - open log window.
Secret Client Commands for GM
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